"A Wise Man Once Said An Error Does Not Become a Mistake Until You Refuse to Correct it" ~ John F. Kennedy ~ [click here to listen/view You Tube Video - re: JFK speech in 1961]

Criminal Complaint Victim Witness Statement

To The 2 Chief Justices of Alberta and Calgary Police Service

The Curse was launched by Stephan Harper & Doug Horner’s cousin Justice Karen Horner

The American Presidents Donald John Trump’s self-draining swamp theory is NOT a conspiracy…
That it caves on itself …   All you have to do now is
Just pull the drain plug.  My court is inviting you lady Justice Chiefs’? To the opportunity of your lives…  There is so much opportunity for your people, there for you, you fine citizens of the Lady Justice Chief’s offices?  Here is my pitch.

"With Prejudice"

To the Lady Justice Chief’s of the Court of Appeal of Alberta and of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta
Regarding: QB# 4808 009302 | Appeal# 0701-0232AC | SCC#: 32805 | FC#: T-1724-10
Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, Medicine Hat
Achtem v. Achtem

The Plaintiff wrote on April 19, 2019,
[1]        This is NOT my wish.  It is the wish of the Counter-Plaintiff and one or more who work at Court of Queen’s Bench.  That is who wished for fraud, but for fraud to NOT be fraud?   Their wish came true. Which is a curse.  Somebody made a wish to have audio and transcript removed.  Which can only be a person(s) who works at the Court of Queen’s Bench.  So a public agent provocateur made this wish too.  Who is the provocateur?  If you do NOT know or if you have no way of knowing then you have a genuine monster of a problem.  Which now is problem for both of you Lady Justice Chief’s.  So now you both must go to work on this and you are being tested.  Do NOT dare to fail! 
[2]        A wished was made to have an agreement concerning exhibits removed, and it really disappeared.  A person(s) who works at Court of Queen’s Bench did in fact carry out work to remove lots of verbatim.  This wish came true because a nisi prius court over ran by the Counter Plaintiff and Judges (NOT ran by the Plaintiff) purported fraud whereas Judges worked in sync to deliberately turned blind eyes, It was NOT the dummy Plaintiff.  He did NOT run his Court properly because of the vindictive Trial Judges and the vindictive Counter-Plaintiff in sync with the nisi prius together to attack a dummy Plaintiff in sync with cross-examination of illegally use of documents which were NOT adduced into Trial.  Hold that thought for a moment.  Canadians do NOT want Judges using a nisi prius courts to operate in fashion in attacking retarded people or people with intermittent short term recall disabilities.   
[3]        Using a nisi prius that predetermined decisions before even before it gets to Trial is horrible Low blow breach of Jurisdiction in fathoms.    And nothing was adduced (period).   Only illegal documents were used by the Counter Plaintiff which she did NOT disclose.  She used documents that were never disclosed never adduce she used what was NOT disclosed the same documents She really did disclose no less than 14 days for Trial in Alberta, but she did NOT use those legal documents.  The judges’ nisi prius court breached s. 28 of the Ca
[4]        Nothing was adduced. This was NEVER a legit judgment and it was NEVER a legit Court of record either.  It can only be indemnified as a genuine verifiable curse that was launched by Stephan Harper’s & Doug Horner’s cousin Justice Karen Horner of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, on the 13th day of July, 2007.  The moral of this story is, do NOT make curses, they come back in tenfold…
[5]        C O M P A I N T of 3 or more forged transcripts and FTR audio files and it is suspected that it already happened again at the  April 12, 1212 Hearing with Justice.  Does anybody want to make a friendly bet that audio has already been remove.  I can count on it for being hack I assure you that  And one Pre-trial Audio was already confirmed hacked, but Alberta Justice failed to inform the Plaintiff, and the Plaintiff did NOT even think of asking because he was too dumb at that time, so now I am NOT dumb anymore and Justices surely picked the wrong Achtem boy to pick on.  Thus using more than $41,000.00 of his matrimonial property and they used Rhonda Sails as a tool to pick on the dummy Plaintiff in using a nisi prius court as the weapon and using there job and their black robes and using their place of work in the name of the Queen her court rooms to launched the said weapon which could have been used in a nice way really,  But they were NOT so nicely used. 
[6]        Nisi Prius could do better if used in the proper manners by citizens who work at Queen having the love for people treating them equally using the most high class is a must, absolutely vital.   The problem is multiple judges colluded to use a nisi prius court operated from within the Queen’s court with NO class their nisi prius union was used for catering to fraud in the name of Regina Saxe Cothberg Gotha (aka Elizabeth Windsor | Elizabeth II - House of Windsor).  Justice Horner is an extra-long far mile more to blame for this Trial by Ambush than Rhonda Sails is. Because Justice Horner Jumped over the fence to the other side. 
[7]        So ok, we know that she is affirmatively in the cross-hairs of the scope.. But since it’s is noticed 13 years later.  The scope is looking into that this could potentially be a pay to play scheme we at lease know now the one Justice who carried the kill shot to the case.  We still need to see if we need to have Justice Hughes in the scope, but NOT in the cross-hairs of the scope.  We are only scoping Justice Hughes to see where that goes with a notice to admit, before even considering if she could be in the cross-hairs of the scope.  She could be, but I hope NOT.   Please do scoping behind the Bench there Lady Justice Chiefs’ because it is required?  Restoring the verbatim and finding out who ordered verbatim removal and who is the worker that carry it out will end the scope totally the we can be happy.
[8]  I do NOT know if this was a Pay to Play deal cut between the Counter Plaintiff and judges.  But what we do know is the prema facie evidence is, it is fact that Judges did play on the wrong side of the fence of law exceeding their Jurisdiction to injure the Plaintiff by way of deliberately exceeding boundaries for literally (not physically) jumping over the fence to the wrong side.  The fence being the boundaries of law and the rules of court.  There’s a good side and there is a bad side

Suspected is 3 or more FTR audio files are hacked, 1 of the 3 is already confirmed that somebody already attempted to remove the Pre-trial Judge’s breach the functus officio doctrine.
[9]        The Plaintiff questions, when was 35 to 40 percent of verbatim removed from the May 4, 2006 Hearing?  Was it remove right after the Hearing?  Or was it removed in August of 2018 when it was the only the only possible time this could have became noticed 14 years.  Was it removed from the FTR audio file 14 years ago?  When did the tampering occur.  Please provide the Plaintiff the required prima facie evidence of this?  And never have judges judging anyone more than 20 years younger.  Never again!  Judges must be no less than 20 years older than any one they are to judge.  I know this the Plaintiff wants to escalate this at the Hearing.  So How old is Justice Hughes?
[10]      This 3 time play on verbatim is absolute tyranny over the mild of man.  Is this play on words going to happen to the April 12, 2012 Hearing FTR Audio file or has destruction already happened? Stop Alberta Justice from ripping of the people there Lady Justice Chief’s I do NOT know I Demand Just the audio and will hire a private transcriptionist and you make sure I will NOT pay for it?  And I ask permission to bring my own reel to reel cassette recording machine, and I demand multiple cameras are to be used from this time on.  Do it as it is done in the USA.  I demand cameras in the court room will be a main issue next time at the court of Appeal.  It will become the Constitutional challenge in my common law court of appeal.  In America the Judgment is called duly repugnant or unduly. 
[11]      Not too many Judges and lawyer are not too good with common law.  But I know who Justice Hughes is much more today than 14 years ago.  She was my driving force and to find out if she did NOT remove verbatim would break my Heart.  My wish is someone else is to blame I cried too many times over this already please find out that she did NOT do this BAD DEED?  This is my wish.
and more requests for requirements that the Plaintiff must carry out, whatever is required? and request of Plaintiffs insistence: Chief’s Justices are to shake this case upside down like a cracker jack box so that the world can see all public sector crooks fall out.
and complaint of multiple trespasses to the case as follows.

The Plaintiff wants his court to decide if it should question the documents, and if it cannot move further until this is verbatim ordeal is Judged fairly.  Citizens can make the Law Justice Hughes ordained as being fraud disappear from FTR audio files, but nobody can make fraud disappear at all. 
Make it so it will it NOT be possible to NOT turn blind eyes this next time please.
Dear Lady Justices of both Chiefs’ offices of the Court of Appeal of Alberta and of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta,
[12]      This is my second complaint over verbatim being removed.  This time the Plaintiff’s complaint is that all transcript did in fact haver the most vital verbatim on removed, extensively removed from every single transcript.  He paid for them.  Now gives rise to suspected every single FTR audio file has significantly been already tampered with by somebody?  And who Ordered the removal of verbatim?  And who did the physical work to remove recorded sound?  I have NOT yet addressed this.  I missed it and sometimes forget, but NO!  I do NOT forget anything.  Just one of those things that slips one’s mind from time to time. 
[13]      There is one smaller detail I have NOT yet addressed over removed verbatim from the Trial transcript and FTR audio file which requires forensics needing Justices Horner’s Notice to Admit filled out and signed.  Before it goes to forensics.   I am addressing that today for the first time that is a small but a vital amount of verbatim is removed from the Trial too.  You may NOT know this, but please feel that you must delve into this transcript tyranny.   As I have then you will come know it as I know it, then you will see it come alive like a living breathing curse or creature or call it whatever.  I know At least 35% to about 40% of verbatim has been removed.  Because if you can give the full transcript then that will provide me the prema facie evidence by comparing to the one I have already paid for resulting in the plaintiff being cheated and ripped off.  And I suspect verbatim from April 12, 1212 before Justice Miller has already been removed. I can clearly see, and nobody knows what happens behind closed doors where transcribe surely become pillaged by somebody(s) at Queen’s Bench.  This is so deviant.  My ultimate wish is for the mind came stop not now, but RIGHT NOW!  What is the reason for this act of mayhem. Nobody wants to pay for transcripts that are slated to be doctored.  I paid for 3 transcripts that were all doctored.  I want my money return by TMS as well?  In am so strapped for cash, so perhaps order them to pay me back now?  And Order Clerk Jobagy to pay the Plaintiff $1000, and maybe for a far mile more money?
Attempting to convince a Plaintiff that an order that breached the functus officio doctrine does NOT exist.  The Plaintiff knows for fact he’s got one or more section .61 Judges nailed as accessories defrauding Plaintiff on a 97% split in the defendant’s favor from a 14 year marriage and zero $0.00 exemption.  And there aint nothing you I or anyone that can do anything about that (period).   As of today you aint seen nothing yet Lady Justices Chief’s.  You just wait to see what comes next.  Next time I will call out for contempt.  And the biggest fib is documents were adduced and if you feel documents were adduced there Lady Justice Chief of the Court of Appeal.  Then I demand that this is to be proven.  Show me on the transcript which lines and pages is adducing on and where and when did any Plaintiff adduce document into a Trial.  Documents being adduce did not happen (period).  It was NOT a summary Trial either so those Justice have a real problem.    The Appeal panel told fibs for a total of 11 times.

Both of you Chief Justice’s and my court require 3 videos as follows?
1st video of when the Plaintiff enters the court room?
2nd video of when the Plaintiff leaves the court room?
3rd video back sometime ago after Trail, at the Counter Plaintiff’s Hearing before Justice Wilkins.  Before the Hearing the Counter plaintiff’s Partner Virgil Sails walks up to the Plaintiff to laugh in his face in front of the Clerk’s bench and the ladies.  My court requires that video for viewing and listening. 
[14]      Make certain all verbatim is put back in?  I DEMAND THAT ALL VERBATIM IS TO BE RESTORED.
Then after you have a duty assignment needing to be competed.   My request for you to carry it out like a little task is to make certain I get the videos, and the requirements to get them?  Watch the videos and consider that the Hearing was 1 hour and 10 minutes long.   Then in your opinions does only a 37page transcript really add up to a one hour and 10 minute long Hearing?   I do have a forensic expert standing by ready to move on the  TMS has baked up.  But before my demand is to send out Notices to admit for Judges and Ms. Jobagy, and provide those requirements?  And what is the requirements to get them and anyone to depose?  We need to book a 2nd Hearing for that and who knows how long that will.  But in the future I will be sure to propose that plan
1.      This is also to address that I would NOT be surprised to find out more things involving Clerk Jobagy’s dereliction of duty, just because I already have prema facie evidence.   Before going to the Hearing with Justice Hughes Shauna Jobagy sent mail to the Plaintiff, but to the wrong address, and because she did not send it to the Plaintiff’s address I want her to be fined $750.00?  I DEMAND IT!
2.      Shauna Jobagy’s next act of dereliction is a kicker.  Verbatim encompassing Justice Rawlins’s verbal breach of the functus officio doctrine was removed from the Pre-trail.  Due to my complaint back then during the Appeal I was NOT well versed on the common law, and common law doctrines.  And at the same time who does Shauna Jobagy think she is by attempting to try to convince a Plaintiff that there was no Pre-Trial Order to begin with.  I was just calling her to test her.  I was NOT well versed on what the functus officio doctrine and what the separation of powers PRINCIPAL as I am today.  The Pre-trial judge sounded a little ditzy, and if you made room 100n people would agree with the ditzy thing Justice Rawlins had going on at Pre-trail.  Shauna Jobagy target me as  a dummy.  And I do agree I was a dummy who did NOT know much about common law and constitutional law. 

3.      Justice Hughes may NOT know this, but she had a far mile more positive effect on me while I delved into studies of common law for over 13 years.  Gut feeling told me, if a Canadian delves into common law then it’s likely impossible to NOT know who Justice Hughes is, and what she is all about.   She certainly is biggest part that made me NOT be that same dummy that I used to be, but the Plaintiff realizes he’s been bullied by Justices and his wish is that this was NOT Justice Hughes that pillaged transcripts’ to coverup for Rhonda Rose Sail’s, Justice Horner’s, and Shauna Jobagy’s persons? The Plaintiff/ Counter Defendant asks his court to NOT leave him as suffering the effect of being cross-examined on documents the Counter Defendant knew nothing about before Trail kicked of unhinged from the common law,  and Unhinged from Constitution law section 28 of the Canada Evidence Act.

4.      Transcript Management Services Regional attempted deleting verbatim but some person who works for our government is caught by the Plaintiff’s web of justice doing this deed, indeed.  The Pre-trail judge beached the functus officio which went missing on the transcript for a half a day was removed until somebody became caught into that web.  Who removed the Pre-trail judge’s breach of the functus officio doctrine from transcript?  Now you tell me who this is? I demand it Please inform the Plaintiff of these persons contact information? Chief Justices the portion of the convoluted Pre-trail Order all the way to court adjourned, that made me go Hmm!

5.      With the Order in my hand I phoned the Trial Coordinator S. Jobagy and requested for her to send me a copy of the Order. She stated the Order does NOT exist. Inspect all documents grouped together [deleted transcript, denial of Pre-trail Order, Pre-trial Order recovered, and Mr. Wachowich's letter too – EXHIBIT 25A, pages E104 to E109b]. Also consider at how the Order was not given, and how it is drafted. Inspect the part TMS Regional attempted deleting on the transcript. [line 36 on page 37 to line 17 on page 38 in EXHIBIT T for Transcript portions]. Nobody, and NOT even Allen Wachowich who is performing a government cover up cannot argue the Trial Coordinators directions, the agreement concerning exhibits had to have been on the Order.

6.      Inspect Trial Coordinator directions, [QB Civil practice Note 5 – Family Law Pre-trial Conferences – EXHIBIT 25B, page E109c].  Chief Justice Wachowich I suspect he enjoyed carrying out a vendetta for Frank Jones on me to get back at my dad over something that was not my fault. Frank Jones is a Former University of Alberta Dean of Law.  Over something involving hookers and police, and my father rigged up the Police to bust Jones not involving me that happened when I was a child.  

7.      I am a Canadian who cannot tolerate it, and did NOT get a fair Trial with a judge appointed by the family and buddies... Canada is to not to be a feudal society (period). Because he wrote a letter stating the portion of the Order was not on the Transcript because it has no relevance to the substantive portions of the application. EXCUSE me this was not an application it was a Pre-trial. Verbatim of an Order is substantive, is required to be given to the parties, to be read into the record and on the transcript and it sure better be on my transcript.

8.      If a judge crashes a car and does not order it repaired. Then the next judge who drives the car does not notice it is crashed, then he is driving a crashed car. If Judgments are corrected, then that is what is acceptable. John F Kennedy delivered a famous speech before multitudes back in September 1961. That speech where he was talking about taking down multitudes of public sector crooks working for corporate crooks. JKF was pretty much talking about throwing them all in the slammer.

9.      Within that speech he said; “...And error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it...” I am asking for errors which became mistakes before it became defacto appellant's court mistakes, and it became the Plaintiff’s mess and the Chief Justices mess too.  Which requires you both to delving into everything so that everything will become rectified? Letting Ms. Achtem get away with illegal cross-examination, fraud, and false pretense and leaving me suffering as a victim is a mistake. It is social engineering. There is no place for social engineering in a matrimonial Trail.  My Trail was used by Justices whereas Stephan Harper & Doug Horner’s cousin Justice Horner delivered the kill shot to the case.  Then after, all Justices have turned blind eye to the truth.

10.  I require knowing who are the citizens (as in I require getting their names?  And address) of those working at Queen’s Bench that carried out this act of dereliction of duty?  I demand it!  Please provide every detail possible.  Time?  Date?  Everything? If it’s NOT possible then why NOT?  And if NOT, what are the requirements to make it possible?  So that we all receive what is required.  Lay it all out?  Prove everything and explain requirements?  I tell you all I know now is status quo is for people to work in their citizen or persons citizen’s work at Queen Bench to enjoy their jobs, but I do NOT feel they are to enjoy their jobs when exceeding jurisdiction.   

11.  I will follow up with a follow letter after hearing at least getting confirmation that you have this letter, and in 30 days you can send a reply and of course I know you have to get moving on more close door meeting stuff or whatever finger pointing session you may be required to do, or whatever I do NOT know transparency will always be highly convoluted. It’s a good thing that I have sent you the curse of Justice Horner.  All I know now is a legit court of record has NOT existed since May 4, 2006 due to some citizen who works at Queen’s Bench has been destroying cause the Plaintiff so much  damage

What that Statue of Lady Justice, the lady with the blindfold and balanced scales what that represents has been destroyed 13 months before Trial.  The scales in my court were deliberately knocked off kilter for in favor of the Counter Plaintiff before Trial

I am asking the two Lady Chief Justice’s to have a strong Heart.  Then reach into it and pull it all out.  I am a persecuted people, have MS and tired of fibers and cheaters.  Remember Jesus said seek the Truth and truth shall set you free. 
I demand that Rhonda Rose Sail (Rhonda Rose Achtem make confession to NOT having cross-exam on her true disclosure of Documents.  And that the Trial Judge railroaded Edward Daren Achtem into.  And that judges knew it all along before Trial.  And I demand that she snitch out Karen Horner, and her court employee friends, and Justices involved as being the accessories to her fraud.  Which could possibly help her get reduced sentences. For when she becomes charged for contempt, and for when the cops move in on her.  I encourage you sand your fellow justices to engage in whistle blowing too, and make certain that their jailing and meals are NOT paid for by the tax payers
Contact me so that we can discuss nailing down a good time to Book a Common Law Court, that comes with a common law judge in Medicine Hat?   And what’s your idea as to what is a great judge?   Any goods names out there?  I was hoping to use Justice Hughes, but that’s a no go I guess.  Dam she was good perhaps I did NOT know her better than she knows herself. Who knows maybe Justice will find the missing verbatim, and she could catch a crook behind the Bench too?  She is impeccable!  So try to get someone like her that knows common law like her?  I will require 9 minutes or less at the first Hearing.  Just make sure our judge has knowledge and becomes well versed on every piece of material before the Hearing kicks off.

___________________________________, ___________________________
Plaintiff Edward Darren Achtem