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To The 2 Chief Justices of Alberta and Calgary Police Service

[15] Unsorted Dialogue

Justice Rawlins at Pre-trial gave a description of what documents to bring to Trial. [Transcript page 31 line 21 of the transcript – (Exhibit #6a), "All we care about is the numbers"]. [Transcript page 34, line 46 and 47 of the transcript – (Exhibit #6b) Justice Rawlins stated. "All your disclosure should be there."]. [Transcript page 35, line 1 to 4 of the transcript – (Exhibit #6c), Justice Rawlins instructed to the parties, "I guess whatever documentation you have, to trace funds is what you’re going to need to show the trial judge. Okay Trace the funds from however many houses you all bought and where it all went. Okay?"]. [After Justice Rawlins gave document instructions, then moments later both Ms. Achtem acknowledged and Pre-trial ended. (Exhibit #6d) Page 37, line 20 to 30, Mr. Achtem states, “The bottom line is it’s the numbers, it’s based on the numbers” Then Justice Rawlins replies, “Yes.” Then Justice Rawlins looks at Ms. Achtem and questions, “Okay are we done then? We’re finished?” Then Ms. Achtem replied, “Yes, Your Honour."]

May 17, 2007 Trial

Prior to Trial Mr. Achtem sent a different smaller "Blue Binder" to Medicine Hat Court of QB and to Ms. Achtem. This smaller "Blue Binder' that was used at Trial contained only Exhibits which Ms. Achtem was informed of Mr. Achtem's intent to be used at Trial, which were all taken from the first "Blue Binder" and filed before Pre-trial. So all of Mr. Achtem's Exhibit were filed and Ms. Actem was inform far more than 7 days before Trial of his intent of documents he used at Trial.
Prior to Trial Ms. Achtem deliberately prepared an ambush with a different rigged "bundle of documents". She Deliberately rigged it to deceive Mr. Achtem by how she prepared her "Bundle of Documents" prepared especially for Trial. This "Bundle of Documents" contained Exhibit A to R. Only Exhibits A to L were filed prior to Pre-trial and were the only Exhibits that were taken from her first "Bundle of Documents" that was filed prior to Pre-trial. Then she tactfully placed the last 6 Exhibits M to R at the end of her "Bundle of Documents". They were tactfully placed probaby at the advice of her new partner, however having at the end of her "Bundle of Documents" Would mean that Mr. Achtem would be answering to cross-examination over Exhibits that he was informed more than 7 days before Trial. Then Ms. Achtem the one who knew how to attack Mr. Achtem cross-examine over exhibits thus giving Mr. Achtem a smooth flow of cross-examination. Then when Ms. Achtem went onto her cross-examination of Mr. Achtem from Exhibit M to O. It was like everything was ok, but then Ms. Achtem moves onto to her cross-examination of Mr. Achtem over Exhibit M. It was like Mr. Achtem was done cross-examination of Exhibit L, so It was time for Mr. Achtem to turn the page over to Exhibit M. and then BAM BAM BAM Mr. Achtem was completey thrown off kitre. Justice Horner also participated in this ambush too by abusing Mr. Achtem as the Witness and then fact that she knew very well that

Which deceived Mr. Achtem causing him into answering without providing the correct to Exhibits he was not informed through due process. Ms. Achtem Deliberately took advantage. Mr. Achtem was ingorant of Sections These Exhibits are copies of e-mail correspondence between Mr. Achtem and Ms. Achtem. These e-mails are documents were never produced into the action prior to Trial.

"Bundle of Documents" contained Exhibit A to R. Thes were not entirely to same as the documents filed prior to Pre-trial. But The Exhibits A to R where rigged in such a clever way as an attack on Mr. Achtem's markedly restricted impair short-term memory function

At Trial Justice Hornor was the first cross-examine Mr. Achtem. Then right after Justice Horner is done her cross-examination of Mr. Achtem, while she still has him remaining in the Witness Box. Then Justice Horner conducts a hasty direction to Ms. to Proceed with her cross-examination of Mr. Achtem which is all Then It was Ms. Achtem's turn to cross-examine Mr. Achtem while he's still in the Witness Box. Mr. Achtem was prepared to be cross-examined by Ms. Achtem only over her Exhibits A to O which where filed prior to Pre-trial. Then suddenly Ms. Achtem has a another bundle of documents to present, which Mr. Achtem did not expect. Transcript page 109, line 3 and 4 - Ms. Achtem questions Justice Horner; "Thank you, your honour may I present the exhibits right away to both you and Ed?" Ms. Achtem did not inform Justice Horner and Mr. Achtem upon presenting this bundle of documents - that it contained Exhibits that were not apart of Ms. Achtem Pre-trial Material . Ms. Achtem did not speak for the record that she was going to cross-examine Mr. Achtem on document that were never produced into the action. Mr. Achtem was not made aware of having to answer to Exhibits he knew nothing about. Not until Ms. Achtem was done cross-examinaion of Mr. Achtem her Exhibit L. Then Ms.
Achtem moves on to Exhibit. I turn the page. BAM BAM BAM BAMBOZAL. I was deliberatlely led into an Ambush by my ex-wife who knew how to attack my disablity. Ms. Achtem's Exhibits M to R pursuant to sections 28(1) and 28(2) of the CEA c-5.

Justice Horner's conduct was harmful to me because she deliberately side tracked after I was handed Ms. Achtem's Exhibits presented at Trial Exhibit M to R telling me I will have a chance to go though them, but not before having to answer to Exhibits I knew nothing about. Ms. Achtem Suprized Exhibits M to R were could not be adduced. Justice Horner attacked a Memory impaired damaged person who has MS. The Courts were aware of how to attack my disability so they did

This was Ms. Achtem's dirty trick; within Ms. Achtem's bundle of documents presented while Mr. Achtem still in The Witness Box contained Exhibits M to R. Exhibits M to L were already filed prior to Pre-trial, but here Exhibit M to R were exhibits that Ms. Achtem did not file prior to Pre-trial. Ms. Achtem did not inform Mr. Achtem of any intent at all that she would be using these exhibits M to R to cross-examine Mr. Achtem on. uld be using these ExhibitsSudden t send or provide Mr. Achtem of any intent 7 days prior to Trial that was going bringing other exhibits other than the one's inside her bundle of documents she filed prior to Pre-trial . Ms. Achtem trick was, she did bring a different different bundle of documents to trial containing exhibits A to R. In her bundle of documents Exhibits presented A to L were documents filed The bundle of document she Ms. Achtem knows she did not provide Mr. Achtem any intent that she would be using a bundle of documents witobserved that there's something different because Ms. Achtem Bundle of documents she brought into trial which she only presented at a time when Mr. Achtem was still inside the Witness Box

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