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To The 2 Chief Justices of Alberta and Calgary Police Service

[09] Victim/Witness Statement, Day 1 PM of Jury Trial

[[1: 10 pm]

To see full current case file Affidavit for Judicial Review goto; http://rhondasails.blogspot.com

(13)---- Ms. Sails did NOT inform Mr. Achtem or the Court that her "2nd Bundle of Documents", contained documents in which Ms. Sails did NOT informed Mr. Achtem of any intent prior to Trial. Ms. Sails did not inform Mr. Achtem that he had to answer to her Exhibits M to R Prior to Trial as the law states she must inform. At 11:31 a.m. Mr. Achtem was handed the "2nd Bundle of Documents" while he was still in a 'remaining in the Witness Box position' because he was just cross-examined by Justice Horner. then moments later still 11:31 a.m. Mr. Achtem asked Justice Horner; "Yeah, why don't you give me a few minutes to go through this". Meaning the "2nd Bundle of documents" before having to open the Bundle to view the contents before having to answer to a suspicous "2nd Bundle of Documents" Then Horner replies very deceptively; "you'll have some opportunity. Miss Achtem gets to ask you a question. Then all of the sudden I was still in the witness Box confused by Justice Horner's reply, which was unintellegiable. Mr. Achtem was not even provided 2 minutes before having to open Ms. Sails's (Achtem) 2nd Bundle of Documents and answering to them.

(14)---- it still being 11:31 a.m. Justice Karen Horner proceeded have Ms. Sails carry out cross-examination. Then at 11:43 a.m. at Exhibit M it suddenly turned into malicious cross-examination. When Mr. Achtem flipped the page from Exhibit L to Exhibit M. At this piont is when Ms. Sails preceeded with her malicous cross-examination in till the end Exhibit R. Ms. Sails (Achtem) knew very well Mr. Achtem knew did not expect having to answer to Exhibits M to R. Ms. Sails, may have deceive potencially the Trial Judge Justice Karen Horner, unless she was hungover or smoking weed. Unless Justice Horner actions of participation in the FRAUDSTERS FRAUD was NOT carried out by her own intent. The Evidence and Exhibits here will clearly show that Justice Karen Horner was knowinly and delibertately involved as an acessory to Ms. Sails's FRAUD. Because Karen Horner who was the judge who had access to all records, and made the was noway that she c ould have not observed the Fraud before Preparing a judgment based on Ms. Sail's FRAUD. Karen Horner was not the good Judge who could have prevented Ms. Achtem's Fraud. She had access to examine all materials produced from the Trial, Pre-trail and everthing else in the Achtem v Achtem action. There was noway Karen Horner could have not known that she was an acessory to Ms. Achtem's Fraud the moment she signed her judgment. Karen Horner and Ms. Sails did NOT respect Canada Evidence Act c-5.

(15)---- Ms. Sails deliberately prepared the ambush with a rigged "2nd Bundle of Documents". She deliberately and tactfully rigged this an it deceived Mr. Achtem. By how she prepared her surprise "2nd Bundle of Documents" prepared especially for Trial. This "2nd Bundle of Documents" contained Exhibit A to R. Only Exhibits A, B, L1, and L2 were filed prior to Pre-trial and were the only Exhibits that were taken from her first "1st Bundle of Documents" that was filed prior to Pre-trial. Then she tactfully placed the last 6 Exhibits M to R at the end of her "2nd Bundle of Documents". Ms. Sails tactfully placed Exhibits M to R behind Exhibit A to L. Having Exhibits M to R at the end of her "Bundle of Documents" Would mean that Mr. Achtem would be answering to cross-examination over Exhibits which she did NOT prepare Mr. Achtem at least 7 days before Trial. Then Ms. Sails the one who knew how to attack Mr. Achtem cross-examination gave Mr. Achtem a smooth flow of cross-examination. Then when Ms. Sails went onto cross-examination of Mr. Achtem from Exhibit M to L. It was like everything was ok, but then Ms. Achtem moves onto to her cross-examination of Mr. Achtem. He flips the page over to Exhibit M. It was like Mr. Achtem was done cross-examination of Exhibit L, so It was time for Mr. Achtem to turn the page over to Exhibit M. and then BAM BAM BAM Mr. Achtem was completey thrown off kilter. Justice Horner also participated in this ambush too Mr. Achtem as the Witness. Please view Ms. Achtem's "List of Exhibits" from her 2nd "Bundle of Documents" and her Exhibits M, N, O, P, Q, R. Next, Please observe all of Ms. Achtem's Exhibits M to R, and observe the date of the e-mails. Then go back to Ms. Achtem's original 1st "List of Exhibits" that was filed before Pre-trail. Now after viewing the dates on the e-mails as per Ms. Achtem's Exhibits M to R on her 2nd "Bundle of Documents". Do the dates all coresspond with the dates with the dates in Ms. Achtem's 1st "List of Exhibit" which is the list showing Ms. Achtem's intent of what documents she was to use at Trial? Do the dates all match up? After you have observed all said ask yourself, but keep it to yourself and your jury member "Did Ms. Sails (Achtem) carry out a covert Fraud that obstructed the course of justice?"

(16)---- Mr. Achtem will have Madame Clerk play Audio Transcript on May 17, 2007 Court Rm #3 Medicine Hat (was in prov. due to contruction. Play from Trial from: 11: 30 am to 11:42 am

Internet user click here for the You Tube video forward the video to 6:00 unless you want to here Mr. Achtem's Rant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6gHPrHI9RI

(17)---- Now that we have viewed how Ms. Sails deceived Mr. Achtem with her rigged exhibits, please view [Ms. Sails's SCC Responce, Part III page 9. Read and observe carefully paragraphs 34, and 35. EXHIBIT Mr. Achtem will not comment about this as it speaks for itself, but do make note of her talking about Mr. Achtem having a disabity, and we will get into that later on day 3 stage 3 and day 4 the Closing Argument.

(18)---- Mr. Achtem will direct your focus in mainly on the Transcipt from page 109 to 128 and a few other pages. Whatever you see in the transcipt that sticks out in your mind then you are to keep it to your fellow jury members when deliberating.

(19)---- Ok, now we have completed the 1st day. Part evidence phase with portions of Ms. Sails's offence - paragraph 380(a) Fraud over $5,000. Since we are now done Mr. Achtem wants to draw your attention to a [Letter Ms. Sails wrote to the Court of Appeal of Alberta September 12, 2007 - EXHIBIT #7] that I want you to look at in you spare time this evening and give it some deep thought. Ask youself "Why would Ms. Sails send a letter to the Court of Appeals of Alberta state in 2nd sentence of the 2nd paragraph; "The Appellant had plenty of time before the Trial to obtain any information he felt relevant and to support his case." In the court of Appeal Mr. Achtem was the appellant which is just so you know who The Appellant is. Mr. Achtem wants to take that and think hard. This letter will become the smoking Gun later and it will become a real kicker on Day 3. We get more into it tomorrow too for only 5 minutes Otherwise thank you for being here today ladies and gentlmen of the Jury. Have a fine fine day

[END TIME EST: 2:30 p.m.]

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