"A Wise Man Once Said An Error Does Not Become a Mistake Until You Refuse to Correct it" ~ John F. Kennedy ~ [click here to listen/view You Tube Video - re: JFK speech in 1961]

To The 2 Chief Justices of Alberta and Calgary Police Service

[11] Witness/Victim Statement - Day 2 AM of Jury Presentation

Start time 10:00 am]

At Trial Ms. Sails knew everything about Mr. Achtem and she knew Mr. Achtem better than anyone. She was with him for more than 14 yerars. She knew how to attack his disabilty of short-term memory function better than anyone at the time of Trial. Mr. Achtem has suffered from MS the effects intense pain which is known to many MSers as a pins and needles effect. The intense pain in Mr. Achtem Head, and in various parts of his body The results is the result of demialtion of Mr. Achtemever since the day he woke up the morning of November 11, 1998 next to Mrs. Sails who was his wife at the time Mrs. Achtem. Mr. Achtem claims that their is no precise way to tabulate at any given moment. The painful sensation horse kick him in the head. waking up having intense pain going from doctor to doctor to docter. From medical clinic to midical clinic tto medical clinic. And going to at least 4 or 5 hostipals. Trying fine a way to deal an intense pain on the leftside of his head. Completely left in the dark as to what was wrong. Then a MediCentre doctor sent Mr. Achtem to Neurologist Dr. David Patry sometime in Mid-December 1998. Which is when Dr. Patry informed Mr. Achtem that It looks like he may have Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Patry Confirmed March of 1999 Mr. Achtem has a UNCURABLE diagnosis of MS.

Mrs. Sails observed Mr. Achtem's disease progress from November 1998 on ward and there is no cure for. Mr. Achtem's disease do continue to progress. ich later she did not want him anymore because MS hindered Mr. Achtem's employability, his lacking physical and sexual proformance. Mr. Achtem's short-term memory caused by MS that constantly joggs his conversation abilities over things that have not been registered in his long-term memory function which is well intact. Mr. Achtem and Ms. Sails both knew his long-term memory is enhance because Mr. Achtem does not forget alot if he has reviewed and reviewed again and again and again. When it's new material then Mr. Achtem will need the time to become well versed on it. Ms. Sails who knew how to attack Mr. Achtem's memory better than anyone decided to attack him with old e-mails as rigged Exhbits yo fool Mr. Achtem, and boy did she ever make him feel like a fool for which he did NOT deserve it. He had no access to the e-mail because his computer crashed, and how anyone and Mr. Achtem who sends hundreds of e-mails every month, going to remember old 2.5 year old e-mails. During the time of first 4 months of separation Mr. Achtem and most men do send hundreds to their separated wife that they still love and out of dispare they send numerous e-mails. Mr. Achtem did this just because he wanted to reconcile his marriage with Ms. Sails and to be with his daughter for which Ms. Achtem FRAUD and judges eye balling up the fact that Mr. Achtem want to use some of the proceed of his matrimonial to help with paying for suppervised visits with my daughter. It was Justice Rawlins from Pre-trial who was eye balling up the fact that Mr. Achtem wanted to use funds from the proceeds of his matrimonial.

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