"A Wise Man Once Said An Error Does Not Become a Mistake Until You Refuse to Correct it" ~ John F. Kennedy ~ [click here to listen/view You Tube Video - re: JFK speech in 1961]

To The 2 Chief Justices of Alberta and Calgary Police Service

To Prime Minister of Canada Stephan Harper

Invoking Article 61 Magna Carta 1215
Amended June 17, 2014 letter to Stephan Harper Prime Minister of Canada

I Edward D. Achtem have been Exposing and Petitioning the crimes of Justices of our courts for the harbouring a city of Medincine Hat clerk Rhonda Sails's (my ex's) "Trial by Ambush" witness box attack, which is a "SMOKING GUN" Prema Facie Evidence .  That Resulted in yours and Doug Horner's cousin Karen Horner's fraudulent Judgement.

You now have 40 days, to have the said judges, and Rhonda Sails arrested for their crimes, and you must inform me that everything is going to be rectified.  You have 40 days to NOT have you be put onto my list of accused.  Alison
Redford, Ron Stevens, and Allen Wachowich, and Katherine Fraser will No matter what they become the accused too, as soon as I can.  If you do not fix this you will be on my list of accused too.

As for now I am only exhibiting the said judges crimes asking for signature.  Because I know you will ignore me as you and Linda Duncan always have.  Now you do your job get these judges and the city of Medicine Hat clerk, Rhonda Sails in the slammer.  Or you can have the cops carry out an unlawful ARREST of me, but be prepared to face a jury that will not rig anything like you cousin did to me.

I will never comply to any further orders and your cousin's Judgement.  Due to the conflict of interest.  I want Justice Miller to substitute himself with Justice Hughes for invoking article 61 Magna Carta 1215, and for change of venue from Medicine Hat to a city of a population of more than 1 million.

Attached is Alison Redford's Reply to my complaint of conduct of judges, so notice how Alison Redford called me the accused in her letter.  Her letter is a copy and paste letter of Ron Stevens sent to me 2 year prior.  I will therefore fax this to our current Justice Minister and Attorney General of Alberta, as well and broadcast it in open public format too.  Multitudes will view it.

The Justice Minister of Alberta Mandate and Arbitrary Duty to the Judges Act:

Institution: Alberta Ministry of Justice and Attorney General More Details
Organization: Alberta Justice Communications
Last Revised: 2009-12-21
Justice and Attorney General - Mandate
The mission of Alberta Justice and Attorney General is to protect the rights of all individuals in Alberta and advance the interests of society by fostering: safe communities; access to justice; respect for the law; understanding of and confidence in the justice system, and the legal foundation for social cohesion and economic prosperity.
Section 63.(1) of Part II - The Judges Act; states;
Inquiries concerning Judges
63.(1) The Council shall, at the request of the Minister or the attorney general of a province, commence an inquiry as to whether a judge of a superior court or of the Tax Court of Canada should be removed from office for any of the reasons set out in paragraphs 65(2)(a) to (d).
Report and Recommendations
Report of Council 65.
Recommendation to Minister
65.(2) Where, in the opinion of the Council, the judge in respect of whom an inquiry or investigation has been made has become incapacitated or disabled from the due execution of the office of judge by reason of
(b) having been guilty of misconduct,
(c) having failed in the due execution of that office, or

X_________________________________, June 25, 2014.
               Edward D Achtem

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