"A Wise Man Once Said An Error Does Not Become a Mistake Until You Refuse to Correct it" ~ John F. Kennedy ~ [click here to listen/view You Tube Video - re: JFK speech in 1961]

To The 2 Chief Justices of Alberta and Calgary Police Service

[01] Taxation withOUT Representation


Court of Appeal's Memorandum of Judgment

*****Click to view Mr. Achtem's complaint (Mar 4 & 10, 2009)

*****Click to view my Compaint sent to Linda Duncan & Steven Harper (04-03-2009)

*****Click to view Complaint respone from Normand Sabourin, CJCoucil. (30-03-2009)

*****Click to view Alison Refords reponce to my many judicial complaints (06-04-2009)

Hence the phase term: "TAXATION withOUT Representation"

I produced this video a little over a year ago. These were made after the dust started to settle. At the time this video was made I left out 2 facts:

2. When I filed my Factum. I left out the most important fact. My Factum or the Motion with my Factum did not convey anything to the Court of Appeal. At what time the ambush happenned and left out the the 1 minute and 39 seconds. On May 17, 2007. Audio from 11:31 to 11:31:40 (there `bouts) In Medicine Hat provincal. In the basement Court Rm #3. Because there was contruction in the Court house and alot of contruction at QB, so that why the trial was in provincial. (audio will be posted here again soon as it was in the jury script for which for a special Federal app. Requesting to the chief Justice to recuse all Canadian judges from coast to coast in my case.

Soon i will repaost the Grounds here soon. I will be using refective riveting fact as to why King Henry II Law Maker Dawn in the Era of the Grand Jury. So many things are happening today events are so parallel during Henry II time. if one was to study the case law back then, that i have studied they would be in for a serious wake up call. Because History is reapeating itself similar to that but an new high tech twist. It's has made me so curious to study case law of those antiquated times.

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